Wn Schill

January 20 2006 Latest news about the sole remaining bunker of this Wn location is that it has been demolished during January 2006.
It seems that works for widening of the road meant that the bunker was standing in de way.  The piece or road(100m I think) that is beeing worked on seems to me rather completely useless en taxpayers money that has been thrown away.   The bunker wasn't standing in anyone's way and again a landmark which reminded us that there has been a World Wor II going on in our region is gone forever.

Preliminary Report-Full report later.

Wn Schill 'was' located alongside the road from Bruges to Ostend on the territory of Zuienkerke.  Once there was more than a few bunkers here but the R621 was the sole remaining.  Now there's nothing more to see. Sad...sad...sad...


Buildozers and bunkers,not a nice combination...  Then and now pictures...


The R621 along the road.


Still brick camouflage to see(prior to beeing demolished...)


The doors still in place.


The interior.

A protective wall in front of the R621.

Some views of a building whith two rooms. It has been used as a shelter for cows.


The farm was there during WWII.  It is not beeing used anymore. However it's not sure what the future will bring.


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