WW1 Marinekorps Flandern
Railroad Battery 'Hessen'
remnants at Uitkerke-Blankenberge

Updated march 28, 2007
New Update March 17 2010, discovery of one of the railway gun basements !

At Uitkerke close to the crossing of the Lissewegestraat and Bosstraat there are some MKF remnants to see in the surrounding area.

Close to Donkerklokhoeve
4 X 28 cm Railway guns.
were under command of
Kap.Lt.d.R. Barde and Kap.Lt. Rotzbach

NGI chart with positions.  The fourth one has become visible !

 Google Earth gave some nice indication that something would be visible.

Everything seems to be cleaned up and the gun postion becomes visible.
It is build as a regular octagram.  Each side is approximately 7m and the concrete has a diameter of about 3m50.(guess)


Right picture: some attachement holes in the concrete.


This is the position of 4 large WWI guns which were once installed here.  Here is Gun number 1 position.
The basement is probably still there as you can see.


This seems to be a guardhouse: At this location there was a dummy airfield or an arfield which was never used.


Inside and backside of the brick bunker construction.  It has been adapted as a stable.


Not clear to me what this means: a WWII Vf construction or ...  It has two entrances, one beeing a false one.



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