Luftschutz - Zandvoorde

Updated January 26 2011
Pictures from 2006 exept when mentioned.
All pictures ©2011 T.cools

Google Earth Location of the Bunker, Above right you see the village of Zandvoorde - Ostend.
(clicking the picture will give you the KMZ file)

At the Landfront Oostende, there's an interesing Luftschutz bunker along the railway and about 1 km North of the center of the village.
According to several sources many more were build.  If this is true then this is probably the last one existing.

The shape of the bunker resembles a pyramid.  This is to deflect bombs and prevent damage to the bunker and protecting the people who are hiding for bombing raids.
Today it is used by the NMBS, the Belgian state railway company.


Front view.


Left 2: 1st entrance door
3th and 4th picture: Inner and outside view of the other andrance, it is a different door type.
Right; the door leading to the main room.

I am searching for these door type numbers, if someone knows, this would be a great help.

Going into the bunker ther's a small corridor with at the left hand side the main room.  At the other side there's the second entrance.

The main room.

Looking at the entrance of the main room.


Inside the bunker, roof.


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