Zwankendamme, mystery petroleum tanks

Update January 12 2010, pictures from November 14 2005 and October 17 2006.
All pictures © 2011 T.Cools

Google Earth map with location; clicking the picture will give you de KMZ file.

At Zwankendamme, located between along the canal between Brugge(Bruges) and Zeebrugge, there is a group of 3x4 petroleum tanks located together.
There has always been discussion when and by whom they were build.

I've heard stories like they were beëing used by the Germans for during WWII and I'v heard other stories.  If anyone knows, I'm glad receive more info about them.
There is however a pipeline which has been serving the nearby military barracks of Lissewege.  It is still visible, but this is post WWII.

The construction is probably Belgian but maybe they were used during the German Occupation, although this is not sure.


Back and front side of the petroleum tanks.


Front and above.


Left: A gate to the tanks.  Right, one of the bunker like structures which give access to the tanks.


Another one.


At one of the entrances you can have a peek inside but it cannot be entered.
Sometimes, the resemblence with a Atlantik Wall bunker is striking.
Right: the pipiline to the military barracks of Lissewege.


Another view from the roof.
Right: a seal with an arrow.

Here's another page about those fuel reservoirs. Any info is welcome..

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